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Dallas - Flat as .. no hills

The locals have a saying " you can watch your dog runaway for 3 days"

storm 10 °C

Had a long sleep and awoke so late that we missed breakfast. The weather is still overcast and there's a prediction of a storm tonight. We had planned on a day trip to Fort Worth which is the other half of Dallas. Not sure if it's the better half or not. But we got up too late. It's a day trip and we were going to visit the cattle drive down the main street and Billy Bob's. I said to the waiter in the lounge that I didn't know Billy Bob Thornton came from Dallas and I got a look of disbelief....and that was only from Mandy. The waiter new I was an Aussie and clearly taking the piss.

Dallas is really flat, we're yet to see any hills and I doubt whether we will. The locals are a friendly bunch not only the staff at the hotel. The hotel is alongside the Freeway to the airport about 40 minutes south. It's a little dated but our room is large with an upstairs bedroom. The suite is like a townhouse and that's about the best description. Just love the way the toilets flush here. It's like a whirlpool, no flush as we know it. I'm spending many happy times watching the toilet.

We decided on catching the local bus into Dallas (DART transport system). It's a little confusing but a nice chap at the terminal told us where to go......

Downtown Dallas is everything you see on the movies about slum areas only worse. We wanted to go to Dealy Plaza and the JFK memorial where he got shot. Not surprising I have to say if this is what it was like in 1963. We asked a couple of cops for directions (felt unsafe about that exercise too) and they also told us where to go....Texas hospitality; apparently there are 2 guns to every person in Texas. I think I've seen them all. The local paper that I read whilst watching the toilet (read it cover to cover) had all the local areas and the news. Every local area had shootings, stabbings and muggings. Interesting, because that was in the sports pages.

So anyway off to the 6th Floor of the Texas School Book Repository. This is now a museum dedicated to the shooting of good ole boy JFK.

JFK Museum and Texas School Book Repository

JFK Museum and Texas School Book Repository


Very interesting museum but only for so long. The yanks are obsessed with killing their leaders. We only want to put shit on ours and kill/eat our National Emblems.

Highlight of the museum visit was seeing Elvis. He came into the building for some water via an empty bottle out of the garbage can. Classy guy. Anyway he soon left the building and it was off to a coffee shop for us.

Can't yet fully comprehend the degree with which yanks are eating themselves to death with fast food. Everywhere you look there is fried something for sale and big people. Sorry, time to be politically incorrect....fat people. Everywhere fat people. Maybe that's why we don't see anyone walking anywhere. It's all car, concrete and more cars.

I probably make this sound worse than it is because the people are really friendly and want to chat. We had drinks in the lounge before dinner and were literally accosted by a group of Alumni celebrations. All dressed in there 80's outfits and they targeted me to tell them about that period of time. It seems that I was dressed in that attaire and looked the part.

Intercontinental lounge party

Intercontinental lounge party

The group introduced us to a vodka jello shot and Mandy had two. I tried to explain what an oyster shot was and the lady on my far right went pale and stopped drinking. No heart.

Had dinner and an early night. Bumped into the group on our way to the suite and Mandy had another jello shot. Memo to self: "Must put aeroplane jelly on the shopping list when I get home".

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The longest day

overcast 6 °C

We left Bomaderry courtesy of Julia Rodgers taking us to the train at about 9am. Uneventful trip to Wolli Creek for changeover train to the international terminal. Interesting that it costs $11.50 for Mandy's fare to Sydney and $13.50 for one stop from Wolli Creek to the airport....I get free as a pensioner to Wolli and them $11.50. Figure that out.

Smooth transit through check in and customs. Arrived in the Qantas lounge for a late lunch, our traditional champagne and my flight settler (scotch and coke) before departure. We had a wonderful tasting plate overlooking the aircraft operations area, dessert and a fabulous Tasmanian white.

We didn't do any shopping pre departure and our gate was only a couple of minutes from the lounge. Left Oz 15 minutes late but picked that up during the flight. For some reason we missed out on the dinner and by the time the stewards realised the error we only had beef dick to eat. Another great Tassie Red managed to get the beef down and had a really good dessert.

Watched the last of the movie Lincoln which I started on the way to the Gold Coast last month and then 2 other movies. Both were a bit ordinary; I can't remember the names and it was only yesterday. We both managed a few naps but in all it would have been less than 4 hours. We experienced plenty of turbulence over the Pacific North East of Hawaii. All settled once we approached the coast of USA a few hours later.

Arrived into Dallas on time and passed through immigration, customs and finally the Texas State transit authority. We were finger printed by homeland security in the final entry point and away we went. It was like getting into the Reserve Bank without any money. The finger prints last forever and they get everyone. Unlike Italy where the welcome was our passports being tossed back to us.

We caught a shuttle into downtown Dallas. The trip into Dallas took about 40 minutes and with a tip cost us $50. Took lots of overpasses and freeways. Glad we're not driving. There is so much construction work happening that it is surprising given the general doom and gloom.

Have a nice suite in the Intercontinental and after a quick dinner in our room its off to bed. A few drinks in the lounge beforehand suited us nicely given how tired we are. Calculation thus far is that we've been awake for over 45 hours. A new record and good night.

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Packing commenced

sunny 28 °C

Second last day at the Gym, had dinner with Tyson and Justine last night to say goodbye (read hope they look after the place for us) and tomorrow we cut the property for the last time. Getting close.

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All booked and ready to go

overcast 28 °C

Everything is go. We fly out in 4 days, have accommodation, flights, tours and car hire organised. Our trip will begin Friday morning 8th March at 0930 when our train leaves Bomaderry. 15 hours flying time, sleep and movie should see us in Dallas.

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The Planning Begins

I've been bagging the Goddamns to Mandy for over 25 years. She will now see for herself.

The flights are booked and March 2013 will see us heading off. Only a few hotels yet to go.

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